Sunday, May 2, 2010

Swoopo Deal Of The Day Review Deal of the Day has been a huge success and is one of the more popular and cool features of the Swoopo website. The Swoopo Deal of the Day allows you to buy one product at a huge discount per day. They rotate products and every day they have something new and we have seen universal remotes, cool computer accessories like wireless mouses and keyboards, huge capacity thumb drives, Nintendo DSI, Garmin GPS, and many other cutting edge and crazy popular electronics gear. In fact, over a a course of about a week, I saw at least one thing that most people under 40 would have wanted to buy. I wanted at least 4 of the items out the 7 day week.

So you know you are really getting a good deal they even publish the comparable price from major stores randomly, like,, Best Buy, Ebay, etc. I've seen 35% savings off of prices which is really amazing considering usually has great prices on just about everything already.

The bottom line with the Swoopo Deal of the Day is: If you find what you are looking for you can save money. But you have to be at the right spot at the right time and be ready to buy. There is no bidding required and the deal of the day can sell out. You can also register for the deal of the day newsletter. Do you want to know what the Swoopo Deal Of The Day is today?

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What is Swoopo Naked? was one of the most talked about auction sites on the internet over the last few years because of the way they ran their auctions. The unique auction style that they popularized was great for many people and allowed them to get amazing deals on hundreds of different electronics, including Nintendo, Garmin, Logitech, Xbox, Apple, and many more.

As with many new business models some people didn't have a full understanding of how it worked so Swoopo Naked was born. The Swoopo Naked programs takes you behind the scenes and shows you all about the Swoopo company, the Swoopo auction system, and gives you users video testimonials and much more. The Swoopo Naked system will help you learn the best way to get steals at the auctions and get some items up to 80% off retail.

We applaud Swoopo for coming out and exposing themselves so to speak, for the benefit of their users. Getting great deals at Swoopo should be easier than ever. Click the link here to read more about Swoopo Naked.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Swoopo Promotion Code Biggest List On The Web

Here is the latest and largest list of Swoopo Promotion codes.

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To make it easier for you we have automatically added the coupon code to the links above so you will not have to manually enter a coupon code. Just leave the coupon code area blank and you will be credited with a current Swoopo promotion automatically after you sign up.

To see a full list of the latest swoopo auctions and swoopo promo codes go here:

Monday, January 25, 2010

Swoopo has some new competition!

Recently a company called "Bid Cactus" has started doing business in a similar way that Swoopo has been doing business.

Bid Cactus is new and doesn't have as many auctions but you can get amazing deals there if the timing is right.

Be sure to check them out if you want to add another auction site to your list.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Swoop It Now at Swoopo

Swoop it now is a new feature released by Swoopo. It allows you to purchase the item you have been bidding on at the full retail price. You don’t get a deal, but you don’t really lose out either. I think this is a great offer from Swoopo. If you were going to pay full price for the item you might as well give it a try to Swipe it. I am a big fan of this because some items get very close to the actual retail price or even go over in some crazy circumstances. This is extremely frustrating to pay the full retail price if you’ve already sunk several bids on the item.

Bid on or Buy a Nintendo Wii on Swoopo!

To get the benefit of the Swoop it Now you simply click the button when it is available. They discount the retail price by the amount of bids you have already placed. I really good option if you just want to get on with it.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Free Swoopo Bids New Swoopo Coupon Codes

We have just discovered a way for you to get Free Swoopo Bids
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and be sure to enter code holiday31 during registration.

A MacBook Pro with a suggested retail price of $1,799 was sold on Swoopo for $35.86.

Swoopo is a unique, worldwide business model. We are the creators of “Entertainment Shopping“ on the internet, and, one of the first companies to combine e-commerce and entertainment. All of our auctions are buzzing from the first to the last second. Every user can get top of the range, brandname products for extraordinarily low prices.

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Would you pay money to spend money? Would you pay money to spend money if it meant that you could save a huge percentage of money? This is the idea that one auctioning website came up with. Swoopo is the name. The concept behind this business strategy is genius, I wish I would’ve come up with it myself.

I’m going to explain how this all works, and you decide whether or not you’d pay to spend money. You visit Swoopo (following one of the links on this page) and once you get there, the first thing you will immediately see is a bunch of items (mostly electronics), a listing price, and a clock counting down usually from under one minute. These items that you see are items that are due to close soon. You’ll also notice items going for up to 80 even 90 percent off of their retail value. This surprisingly isn’t a scam…It’s an ingenious way to run an auction site which means you can get amazing deals on all the latest electronics.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

How to get free bids at Swoopo

You can get up to three free swoopo bids if you register today.

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To be sure, you can try to develop a strategy and research what products have won for in the past, but I’ve seen one Wii game system sold for $8 while another was still receiving bids of over $200. When you examine past auctions it’s worthwhile to look at the details. In one case, a $3,000 Big Screen TV was won for $267, but it took the winner over 2,300 bids totaling $1,700 to win. In the end, he spent about $2,000 for the TV. Still a great deal, but what if he had lost?

My best advice is to know when to say when. With so much invested in an auction (75 cents per bid) it might be more than a little difficult to walk away from an auction that has climbed past your comfort point. The comfort point is the first thing you should determine before you ever start bidding.

After all is said and done, I am the proud new owner of a Wii at a cost of just about half of retail. Was it worth the anticipation, the agitation, the risk, the reward and the thrill of the hunt? Well, I think I will chalk up my success to luck and quit while I’m ahead. I’ll find comfort in the knowledge that trying to develop skill at Swoopo auctions could quite possibly be an expensive education. An education I choose to trade for the safety, the security, the memory of an exciting one-time adventure.